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Dancin’ Pen…

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“Dancin’ Pen” was born from my book of the same name.  It’s my funky twist on the Italic alphabet.  It all started with the Bone alphabet and pen manipulation and then ran amok into all my other alphabets.  I have also drawn inspiration from my Italic Variations class, which analyzes each component part of the alphabet and then stretches each component to its limit to create new, expressive alphabets.  Alphabets should not need labels, but should serve to convey emotion and the feeling you get when you read a piece of words that moves you.  You need to be able to write letters that says what you feel.

 This class will give you the tools to morph your Italic alphabet into an unlimited number of new forms for your use.  It will free you from the “rules.”  So come step out of the box and express yourself.  You will surprise yourself with the most exciting letterforms you’ve ever made!

Creativity: Enjoy the Unexpected: Salt Lake City, UT

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April 5, 2012 

“Creativity: Enjoy the Unexpected” Lecture

For more information, contact Judith Sommerfeldt (

Fine Tuning the Fundamentals…

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When you sit down to do a calligraphic piece, do you have to refer to an exemplar to remember how to write an alphabet? Are you happy and confident with the look of your basic alphabets? Are your letterforms up to snuff? We all want to be able to fly, but we need to know how to walk first. To build a basic calligraphic repertoire, we should have a solid knowledge and ability in the fundamental alphabets.

This course will focus on the Foundational, Roman Capital and Italic alphabets – the core of a good lettering base. We will begin the study of each alphabet with exercises to help give you a clear picture of where you are at present and what you need to do to improve your letterforms. Then, through a series of simple and fun activities, we will examine the components that make an alphabet look good and apply those principles to our own writing.

There will be lots of personal attention. You can expect to see a marked improvement in your writing. You can expect to expand your knowledge of what makes a good alphabet. You can expect to learn how to be your own teacher. We will create a simple book structure to retain our findings. And, if you know me, we will have to do some playing with the letterforms to make them “dance”.



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The Foundational alphabet is a beautiful, legible, very versatile and very usable hand based on Roman forms. The name foundational was coined by Edward Johnston as it was his feeling that this alphabet is the foundation for all the others. It is a must for your calligraphic repertoire, and one you will find yourself using over and over.



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The term “Gothic” is a very broad classification for many types of blackletter alphabets, which depend upon time of inception and country of origin. Each has its own personality and they can be quite varied. What they all have in common is the very textural, architectural quality. It can almost look like a weaving with the letters connecting to one another, and sometimes losing legibility. It is surprisingly easy to learn and lovely to behold. I think you will learn to love the rhythm and consistency of this historical, and modern alphabet. In this workshop, we will have time to learn the basic Textura Quadrata style and pair it with the beautiful Fractur capitals.



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Beginning Italic…
Have you always wanted to write beautiful invitations, greeting cards, gifts and correspondence? Italics is a beautiful, flowing and consistent style of calligraphic lettering. It is a good alphabet to begin your calligraphic education or early in your training. You will find yourself using this alphabet most often.

Mastering Italic…
This workshop will be an in-depth study of the Formal Italic Alphabet through demonstration and hands-on attention. We will study each of the components of the alphabet – what makes it look the way it does – and use this information to determine how your personal Italic can be improved. I’ve seen quantum leaps in improvement in this workshop.

You’ll learn how to fix new, old and “yucky” pens so they become “good” pens. You’ll learn how to make gouache and watercolor flow beautifully through your pen. Individual attention will help you to become your own teacher.

Italic ‘Formal to Funky’…
Starts with an in-depth review of the formal Italic alphabet. Individual attention will help to sharpen your italic hand. We will study each of the components of the alphabet – what makes it look the way it does – and use this information to determine how your personal italic can be improved. We will then use those component parts as a basis for a series of simple, fun exercises to explore the boundaries of each component. You will discover ways to give your lettering expression and personality, stretch your perception of what Italic is, and broaden your vision of what it can become to give you the tools to commit emotion to paper through lettering.