Playful Letters: Dance of the Pen

Jul 7, 2010   //   by Blog Bomber   //   Classes, Page 2  //  No Comments

So, OK – you’ve been studying calligraphy for a while. You’ve disciplined yourself to maintain pen angle, slant, pressure, proportion and spacing. Your letterforms are respectable, but they look stiff. You look at the work of other calligraphers and admire the liveliness and expressiveness of their letterforms, but aren’t sure how to get it into yours.

That’s what this workshop is about. It gives you the tools to make expressive letterforms, but better yet it gives you permission to PLAY! But this is serious play that will open up new doors and potentials to your letterforms. We will study the elements of an alphabet and learn ways to alter them to make your letterforms more expressive. We will then use those techniques to innovate new alphabets. I feel that as calligraphers, we are artists that use letters and words to express emotion on paper, as the painter uses still life and landscape. This class will help loosen you up and give you a whole new slant on your letterforms. You will risk, drop your guard, make a mess, have a great time and surprise yourself with some of the liveliest and best lettering you’ve ever done!


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