Dancin’ Pen…

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“Dancin’ Pen” was born from my book of the same name.  It’s my funky twist on the Italic alphabet.  It all started with the Bone alphabet and pen manipulation and then ran amok into all my other alphabets.  I have also drawn inspiration from my Italic Variations class, which analyzes each component part of the alphabet and then stretches each component to its limit to create new, expressive alphabets.  Alphabets should not need labels, but should serve to convey emotion and the feeling you get when you read a piece of words that moves you.  You need to be able to write letters that says what you feel.

 This class will give you the tools to morph your Italic alphabet into an unlimited number of new forms for your use.  It will free you from the “rules.”  So come step out of the box and express yourself.  You will surprise yourself with the most exciting letterforms you’ve ever made!

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