Fine Tuning the Fundamentals…

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When you sit down to do a calligraphic piece, do you have to refer to an exemplar to remember how to write an alphabet? Are you happy and confident with the look of your basic alphabets? Are your letterforms up to snuff? We all want to be able to fly, but we need to know how to walk first. To build a basic calligraphic repertoire, we should have a solid knowledge and ability in the fundamental alphabets.

This course will focus on the Foundational, Roman Capital and Italic alphabets – the core of a good lettering base. We will begin the study of each alphabet with exercises to help give you a clear picture of where you are at present and what you need to do to improve your letterforms. Then, through a series of simple and fun activities, we will examine the components that make an alphabet look good and apply those principles to our own writing.

There will be lots of personal attention. You can expect to see a marked improvement in your writing. You can expect to expand your knowledge of what makes a good alphabet. You can expect to learn how to be your own teacher. We will create a simple book structure to retain our findings. And, if you know me, we will have to do some playing with the letterforms to make them “dance”.


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