Art for Non-Artists…

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In calligraphic interpretation of words, we sometimes need to create a mood or enhance a theme, add excitement, power, serenity or drama to our calligraphy. Have you ever been stumped as to how to get that passion and expression down on paper? This class gives you the tools. It will be an exploration into artistic expression through mark-making and background techniques for the artistic and those who think they’re not artistic.

Through a series of exciting and fun exercises, participants will learn techniques using a variety of media such as watercolor, acrylic, inks, metallic powder and metallic leaf and innovative tools such as wood veneer, folded metal pens, plastic, pine needles and cardboard in the process of making expressive art. The objective for this class is to give the participants an introduction to the use of a variety of media, tools and techniques. We will create a soft-bound book to journal what is learned. We will also make some experimental writing tools. Lots of sharing and personal attention in this hands-on environment will assure a successful, fun experience and will develop a sense of familiarity and competence with tools to add to your repertoire. Lots of “Aha’s” happen in this class.


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