Big Bad Bone…

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The Bone alphabet is one of my favorites because I’m never quite sure how it is going to come out. It has a wonderfully sensual and playful quality because of the very manipulated strokes, creating beautiful waisted strokes and sexy shapes within and between the letterforms. The letters dance up and down and nestle into another. It was designed by Jacqueline Svaren as a “loosening up” exercise and it definitely achieves that. The wonderful thing that happens besides learning a great new alphabet, is that the manipulation skills learned in forming these letters carries into your other alphabets, making them “come to life”. Projects incorporated into this course will include a tent sign, an envelope and greeting card, and a soft-bound book as a sampler of the alphabet and variations for review when the student returns home.

It requires an entirely different pen hold than other alphabets, so I like to give lots of personal attention in the beginning. Once the students understand how the manipulation is achieved, the fun really begins. The student outcomes from this class above all my others has been remarkable because of the infusion of the Bone alphabet into all their lettering following this class. Quantum leaps are achieved.

Each participant will receive a bound book of exemplars, samples and handouts.


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